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video & film production by John Hamlett in Cumbria, Lancashire & nationwide

John started Lunar in 1996 (Ltd since 2002) and has gained over 18 years' experience creating video and digital media projects for an impressive client list in the north and nationwide.
  • Home-studio with UK's fastest 1Gbps upload speeds for quick and easy client approvals of roughcuts and final edit delivery to YouTube etc.
  • Projects large and small, always on time and on budget at affordable freelance rates.
  • Equipped and experienced for full-HD 3 camera shooting, popup studio & lighting, greenscreen, motion-timelapse, track & jib, aerial filming etc.
  • Perfectly at home filming corporate/industrial on factory floor, fiction/drama on set or documentary on windswept mountain tops.
  • Leading DVD-video design and authoring including advanced programmed features.
  • Experienced in video delivery for interactive web apps, museum displays, Bluray, PoS kiosks etc.
  • Able to draw on specialist colleagues in 2D/3D animation, web/app/kiosk development etc.

If you have a video project in mind, large or small, please get in touch:

John Hamlett

015242 22335

Lunar Multimedia Ltd, Gressingham, LA2 8LP

"sheer technical excellence...
And you can quote me on that!"
BBC executive producer Jean Claude Bragard

Selected alongside TV programs from
BBC1, BBC2, BBC4 and Channel 4
('The Adventures of Mary & Joseph' IPTV webisodes)

Three times shortlisted for the UK's
digital awards outside London

Awards for John's 2012 short film The POW
which screened at six international film festivals


2:54 Lunar 2014 Showreel

John's preferred projects involve working with forward thinking micro-businesses, SMEs and organisations in the North. Producing anything from simple low-cost 'profile videos' to painstakingly original creative films. He also likes doing camerawork and postproduction for other small video/media companies who appreciate a good collaborative relationship.

I live in the Lune Valley with my wife and son. Besides filmmaking I love a bit of adventure, whether it's travelling europe or mountain/xc paragliding (personal best 130km!). I'm also proudly on the management committee of non-profit community fibre group Broadband for the Rural North Ltd.

I started freelancing as 'Lunar' in '96 after graduating in arts at Newcastle (where I was working with photography, video, Macs and formative html1 websites). Since those pioneering early digital media days I've worked on almost every possible type of 'moving pixel' based project for clients of every size and sector; from sole traders to national NGOs and international brands. At the core of these projects has always been a creative application of digital video, animation and interactivity.

My short film The POW screened at festivals in Moscow, Dublin, Bucharest and beyond winning awards including Best Cinematography and Viewers' Choice. Commercially a video project for client B4RN has featured on BBC's 'The One Show' and 'Click', and a project for client BRF was shortlisted for a UK TV award and applauded by the BBC. But it's not all about prestige - I'm perfectly happy working on the smallest and simplest of projects… the best projects are simply about an enthusiastic and friendly working relationship.



1:25 short product / documentary

1:10 trailer for John's short thriller

0:50 [greenscreen] mini-series trailer


13:34 manufacturer documentary

4:16 [greenscreen] music video

35:12 company seminar/event


1:57 hair product demo

4:06 CGI animated product demo

1:31 holiday property tour


3:41 outdoor event reportage

4:18 indoor event reportage

1:08 [motion graphics] branding


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